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Ariela and Harris say, "Calvin and Hobbes fans typically have an instant connection -- we are people to whom the world is filled with endless possibilities, questions, answers, and humor. In the fall of 2009, a chance e-mail sent to each of us by a mutual friend saw a chance reply that led to a chance connection. The mirror that each of us is to the other was immediately obvious. A friendship ensued with shared emailed thoughts on everything from Ayn Rand to Z, Jay Z. But always something more loomed in the background. A hop, skip and keyboard strike or two later, our connection became strengthened as we embarked on a cross-country relationship. We're thrilled to be continuing this thrill ride of a journey from closer together now in Southern California, though our hearts are back East with our families and friends."

"The Sufi poet Hafez wrote some of the most beautiful words about love ever written. He wrote that "it happens all the time in heaven/and some day it will happen again on earth" that men who love men and women who "give each other light" will sincerely speak to one another, asking their partner how they can be more loving and kind. To us, marriage is a formalized sign of our commitment to always strive towards being more loving and kind to each other. We feel that it's a travesty that a thousand years after Hafez's poetry, the world order he speaks of--of bringing together spirits and light -- has not been recognized. The journey we have already begun together has brought tremendous meaning and happiness to our lives and we could never imagine preventing anyone from doing the same. More love, less hate."


Will you help us by making a critical donation to the Human Rights Campaign's nationwide campaign for equality? Any amount you give now will go a long way for this important cause – and we'd be really, really grateful.

Thanks in advance for your help –we're looking forward to our big day, and can't wait for the day when all loving couples are treated equally.